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imperialism: deutscher Imperialismus (3 Artikel)
Intensifying the PressurePRC is becoming Germanys most important non-European trade partner
BERLIN/BEIJING (2011/03/16) - The People's Republic of China is in the process of bypassing the United States of America to become Germany's most important non-European trade more deutsch
18.03.2011 • By German Foreign Policy
Federal Republic of ChinaBerlin is cheering the fact that Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Liu Xiaobo
BERLIN/BEIJING (2010/10/11) - Berlin is unanimously cheering the fact that this year's Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Liu Xiaobo. Already in the past, Chancellor Merkel has taken initiatives in favor of this Chinese "dissident" more deutsch
11.10.2010 • By German Foreign Policy
our man in Beijing[ III ] Germany versus China
BERLIN/BEIJING (2010/10/07) - On the eve of the announcement of this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, German media have declared a Chinese "dissident" to be their favorite more deutsch
07.10.2010 • 3 Kommentare • By German Foreign Policy